Disability Comedy Karaoke Event: A Fun and Hilarious Evening


Join us at Mighty Mentors for an unforgettable night of laughter and music with our Disability Comedy Karaoke Event. Moreover, as leaders in the disability service sector, we pride ourselves on creating events that not only entertain but empower our community. This event promises a fantastic blend of comedy and karaoke, designed to uplift spirits and strengthen social bonds.

Experience and Expertise

Event Schedule and Activities

  1. Start the Day with Relaxation:
    • Morning at Beatty Park Leisure Centre for a refreshing swim, followed by a spa and sauna session.
    • Return to the hotel to freshen up and prepare for the evening’s festivities.
  2. Evening Entertainment:
    • Perth Comedy Lounge: Kick off the night with laughs from some of the best comedians in the business.
    • Hit Studio Karaoke: Take the stage and belt out your favourite tunes in a fun and supportive environment.
  3. Next Day Activities:
    • Start your morning with a pampering manicure session to relax and rejuvenate.

How to Participate

  1. Visit Our Event Page: Learn more about the Disability Comedy Karaoke Event. As a result, how such events contribute to building social skills and community integration.
  2. Sign Up: Easily register for this event or inquire about our other services using our streamlined referral form.
The Importance of Social Events in the Disability Community

Social events like the Disability Comedy Karaoke Night play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. They provide a safe and joyful environment where everyone can express themselves freely, experience new things, and feel part of a larger community. These gatherings are essential for:

  • Breaking Down Barriers: Events such as these challenge societal perceptions and help reduce stigma associated with disabilities.
  • Enhancing Social Skills: Participants get the opportunity to practice communication and social interaction in a supportive setting.
  • Promoting Inclusion: By bringing together individuals from various backgrounds, these events foster a culture of inclusion and understanding.

Additional Information

  • What’s Included: All activities include 24-hour mentoring support, with all meals (including restaurant dining) and non-alcoholic beverages provided (except during the brewery tour).
  • Please Note: All activities are subject to change.

Discover More

Explore our regular camps and special events designed to provide enriching experiences that foster personal growth and community engagement. In short, our events are perfect opportunities to connect with peers, learn new skills. Moreover, have fun in a supportive environment.

Testimonials from Previous Events

Hear from attendees who have experienced the joy and community at our previous events:

  • “The karaoke night was amazing! It gave me the confidence to be myself and sing my heart out.” – Jane Doe
  • “I never thought I could laugh so much. It was a wonderful evening that brought us all closer together.” – John Smith

Call to Action

Don’t miss this chance to let your hair down and enjoy a night filled with laughter and singing. Sign up here for the Disability Comedy Karaoke Event, and be sure to browse our website for more information on our comprehensive services. Fill out our referral form today to get started with Mighty Mentors!


Our Disability Comedy Karaoke Event is more than just an evening out; it’s a vibrant celebration of community and individuality. Join us to make new friends, enjoy fantastic performances, and discover how Mighty Mentors can support you or your loved ones in living a fuller, more joyful life. Learn more about our services and look through our gallery to see how we’re making a difference. Share your experiences and thoughts with us, as your feedback helps us grow and improve.

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