Disability Traditional School-Camp Perth: Activities in Town

Join the “Disability Traditional School-Camp Perth 10+”. Take part in field day, scavenger hunts, archery, and giant board games.


Looking for an experienced team in the disability sector? Mighty Mentors has years of experience in providing top-notch disability services. In addition, discover more on our website and sign a referral form for the services or camps you need. Moreover, our Traditional Camp is designed to provide engaging activities and expert care for participants.

Our Services

Short Term Accommodation

Experience comfortable short-term stays with 24-hour mentoring. Enjoy activities such as bowling at Strike, museum tours, and more. Must be remembered, our Disability Traditional School-Camp ensures a fun and safe environment for all.

In-Home Skills Development

Develop essential skills in the comfort of your home. In addition, our team supports you every step of the way. Most important, making sure you gain independence and confidence. This service complements our Disability Traditional School Camp activities.

Community-Based Mentoring

Engage in community activities like movie nights at Hoyts and mini golf at the glow rooms. Moreover, benefit from personalised mentoring tailored to your needs. This is part of what makes our Disability Traditional School Camp unique.

Individualised Living Options (ILO)

Explore customised living options with full support. Not to mention, enjoy special events like indoor rock climbing and more. These experiences are an extension of our Disability Traditional School Camp offerings.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Team: With years of expertise, we provide the best care and activities for those with disabilities.
  • Diverse Activities: Enjoy a variety of activities, from archery to giant board games. Our Disability Traditional School Camp is packed with fun.
  • Inclusive Environment: All meals, accommodation, and transport included. Note: activities are subject to change and include 24-hour mentoring.

Special Activities Include:

  • Bowling at Strike
  • Museum Tour
  • Movie night at Hoyts
  • Mini Golf at the glow rooms
  • Indoor Rock Climbing

Most important, please note that all activities are subject to change and include 24-hour mentoring. What’s included: All meals (including restaurant dining) and non-alcoholic beverages (except for the brewery tour). Accommodation and transport also included. These are all part of our comprehensive Disability Traditional School Camp Perth program.

How to Get Started

  1. Visit Our Referrals Page: Click here to access the referral form for Disability Traditional School Camp.
  2. Fill Out the Form: Provide the necessary details about the services or camps you’re interested in.
  3. Submit: Our team will review your form and get back to you promptly.


Mighty Mentors is your go-to for disability services and camps in Perth. Most important, not miss out on our engaging activities and expert care. Visit our referrals page to get started with Disability Traditional School Camp Perth. For more insights, check out our related posts:

Join the fun and start your journey with Mighty Mentors today!


Mighty Mentors offers diverse disability services, including short-term accommodation, in-home skills development, community-based mentoring, and individualised living options. In addition, our Camp features activities like bowling, museum tours, movie nights, and more. Visit our referrals page to sign up and start your adventure with us!

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