Building Independence and Kicking Goals!

Welcome to Mighty Mentors, your trusted partner in Disability Services in Perth, WA. With years of dedicated service, we provide Disability Services Perth WA, offering personalised support that empowers you to take control.

Explore our diverse options, participate in transformative events, and submit a referral form on our Disability Services Perth WA page to tailor your journey towards greater choice and achievement.

Individualised living options

Welcome to a realm where independence reigns supreme!

Where your home becomes your haven.

At Mighty Mentors, we redefine in-home care, tailoring our services to elevate your life to new heights.

Imagine personalised care solutions ranging from Individualised Living Options to round-the-clock support.

Whether you seek occasional assistance or continuous care, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Short Term Acc – Respite

“Join us at Mighty Mentors, Short Term Accommodation Services”

Personalized Accommodation and Itineraries . Unforgettable Memories.

Your Ultimate Escape Awaits!

Covered by Mighty Mentors WA Disability Services!

At Mighty Mentors, we’re not just about providing a place to stay.

We’re crafting an unforgettable respite, (short term accommodation), experience designed to exceed your wildest dreams.

Group Camps + Special Events

“Explore Boundless Opportunities at Our Disabilities Camps and Events!

At Mighty Mentors, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities by offering a wide range of enriching camps and events. With a focus on choice and control, we curate diverse experiences tailored to suit individual preferences and interests.

Our commitment to autonomy ensures that participants have the freedom to choose activities that resonate with them, allowing for a truly personalized experience.

Community Based Mentoring

Step into a World of Confidence and Independence with Mighty Mentors Community-Based Mentoring program!

At Mighty Mentors, we’re not just about support – we’re about transformation!

Get ready to thrive in the community with our dynamic Community-Based Mentoring program.

It’s not just about empowerment; it’s about crafting a life filled with purpose, passion, and endless possibilities!

Imagine a personalized approach that turbocharges your social skill.

In Home

Skill Building

“Unlock Your Potential With Our “In Home Skill Building” Disability Services Team”

At Mighty mentors disability services, we’re not just a team – We’re partners on your journey to empowerment!

Collaborating closely with you and your support network with your “In Home Skill Building“.

We’re dedicated to uncovering new horizons in your in-home skills.

Why choose us? Because your choice and your control are our top priorities.


Tell us more about YOU

Mighty Mentors is all about empowering YOU!

Tell us all about your goals and aspirations so we can learn exactly how we can support you.

Everyone has their own unique abilities, so we take the time to get to know you, your support needs, and what you are wanting to achieve.

We understand that your entire support network is crucial to your success, so we strive to work collaboratively with everyone involved to achieve the best outcomes for you.

Tell us more about YOU

At Mighty Mentors, we prioritise empowering individuals through our disability services, putting your goals and aspirations at the heart of our approach.

Recognising the uniqueness of each individual’s abilities, we take the time to understand your support requirements and aspirations.

Emphasising choice and control, we acknowledge the vital role of your support network in your success.

Through collaborative efforts with all parties involved, we aim to achieve the optimal outcomes tailored to your needs.

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